Frieders, Tassul & Partner - Rechtsanwälte

Our History

Frieders Tassul & Partner was established in 1953 and assists mostly Austrian and international enterprises in business law.

How we Work

For some of our clients we render overall legal services, other clients consult us because of our specialist knowledge in individual branches of law.

With our current size and structure we are able to preserve an individual service for each client with one attorney-at-law as permanent contact person on one hand; on the other hand, we offer the individual expertise of each lawyer in our law firm for client-oriented services by developing flexible working teams tailored to the client´s individual requirements.

Our Principles

Both the relationship to our clients and our services are based on the following principles:

Professionalism and quality in our entire outward appearance as counsels and our clients´ partners

Comprehensible and transparent drafting and presentation of client-oriented solutions

Individual service for each client by nominating an attorney-at-law as permanent contact person

Internationalism by working in networks with well-known international partners

Offer of a wide range of inter-disciplinary services by establishing close cooperations with other law firms, tax consultants, notaries public, architects, property management firms and other specialists

State-of-the-art means of communication and legal databases for an efficient handling of all the clients´ needs in the shortest possible period of time

Permanent training and education of all lawyers and staff members to guarantee utmost professional competence in our services

Commitment to the traditional attorneys´ values, such as absolute confidentiality and unconditional loyalty vis-á-vis the client, trustworthyness and independence in pursuing the client´s interests

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