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Real Estate

Legal advice, drafting and scrutinizing of

  • Purchase contracts
  • Agreements on freehold property in flats
  • Developing agreements 
  • Barter agreements
  • Agreements re transfer of property into public funds
  • Donation agreements
  • Matrimonial property agreements
  • Contracts on contribution to (a company’s) capital
  • Transfer of business agreements
  • Agreements for the transfer of agricultural units
  • Lease contracts
  • Agreements conveying right/s to recurrent payments or services
  • Certificates of pledge

Fiduciary payment

  • Using the Bar’s Electronic Trust Register or
  • Upon special request without informing the bar’s Electronic Trust Register on any details

Processing of land transfer tax, gift tax and fees

  • by declaring the transaction at the competent tax office
  • by online-declaration at the tax authority

Freeing land of encumbrances

  • Declarations of consent
  • Declaration of release of easements in the Land Register
  • Discontinuance of civil execution proceedings
  • Calling procedure among encumbrances to object or lose their rights out of any encumbrances

Getting required official consent

  • To divide land
  • To change ownership in land 
  • To sell / donate / lease land to foreigners
  • To sell / donate / lease any flat or house which has previously been subsidized with public funds
  • As provided in any federal or state regulation

Drafting and implementing of

  • Plans to divide land
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Deeds freeing land of encumbrances
  • Declarations

in the Land Register

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